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Saturday, June 22, 2013

June 21, 2013

What happened this week?

Bolivia declares national emergency due to a drought that affects four regions of the country
The Bolivian government declared a state of national emergency due to a drought that affects almost 17,000 families in four of the nine departments of the country... Read more

Ecuador: Drought DREF operation nÂș MDREC007
Ecuador’s southern region has gone for four months without rain.... Read more

What's new in Disaster Risk Reduction?

Climate change threatens trouble in the near future, World Bank says
The World Bank is beginning to commit billions of dollars to flood prevention, water management and other projects to help major Asian cities avoid the expected impact of climate change, a dramatic example of how short the horizon has become to alleviate the effects of global warming..Read more

The World Bank's estimate for the 2011 Thailand flood, which began at the end of July triggered by the landfall of Tropical Storm Nock-ten, ranked that disaster as the world's fourth costliest, as it was surpassed only by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the 1995 Kobe earthquake, and Hurricane Katrina in 2005...Read more

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