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Friday, September 12, 2014

September 12, 2014

What happened this week?

Mexico: Hurricane Norbert. The storm evolved to a Category 3 hurricane and produced heavy rains in Baja California, northwestern Mexico, where a red alert (maximum risk) remains. High waves left 50 affected families in the port of San Carlos, Baja California Sur. Also, rains wreaked havoc and caused partial suspension of electricity services in Leon. The storm is now a post-tropical cyclone... Read More

United States: Southwestern states. Flash floods in the state of Arizona left two people dead; the Governor has declared a state of emergency. In addition, nearly 200 children were trapped in an elementary school in the state of Nevada because of flooding. Damage to roads. The rains are the result of Hurricane Norbert, and are expected to continue for several days... Read More

Peru: Ubinas volcano.
An explosion with an eruptive column that reached 3500 meters was recorded today. The forecast for ash dispersion, prepared by the SENAMHI and OVI, indicates that it could reach the towns of Querapi, Sacohaya, Tonohaya, Anascapa, Ubinas and San Miguel... 
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Interesting Facts

Earthquake detectors to give some B.C. schools warnings before ground shakes. New earthquake detectors could buy some B.C. students precious seconds to get to safety before the ground starts shaking... Read More

Why Do Landslides Happen and Why Are They So Devastating?. Landslides don’t attract the same media attention as more familiar geological hazards such as earthquakes and volcanoes. And yet they can be just as disastrous and, in fact, 2014 has been a particularly bad year... Read More

What's new in Disaster Risk Reduction?

International Forum Calls for Focus on Disaster Recovery. Leaders from developing countries, civil society, private sector and agencies including the World Bank, European Union and United Nations are coming together this week to discuss how vulnerable countries can better prepare and protect hard won development gains by establishing recovery strategies and processes before disaster strikes...Read More

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