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Friday, October 24, 2014

October 24, 2014

What happened this week?

El Salvador. Floods, caused by rainfall in in the western and central parts of the country with damage to the highway leading to the port of La Libertad and the urban area of ​​Santa Ana. MARN is forecasting moderate probability of overflows from rivers and short streams and reported that after recent rainfall about 13 municipalities in six departments have a high susceptibility to landslides, mainly in the central volcanic chain. Damage assessment was conducted in three hospitals and 50 schools affected by rains in the departments of San Miguel and La Union, and those affected by a 7.3-degree earthquake in the town of Zacatecoluca, La Paz... Read More

Guatemala. Floods. Heavy rains and winds in recent days have destroyed crops and caused damage to homes in San Juan Cotzal, Quiché, Sanarate and El Progreso. In Zacapa, 7,000 people have been left without access to water due to flood damage to pipes. The rainfall has also damaged homes and artesian wells... Read More

Mexico: Tropical Storm Rudy.The passage of the storm left 12,000 affected people affected in 35 municipalities that had declared emergency in Guerrero; in Oaxaca damage was reported to 50 roads, 220 homes suffered major damage and their inhabitants were evacuated to 10 shelters... Read More

Nicaragua.  Floods. Heavy rainfall has caused mudslides, landslides, overflowing of rivers, and flooding homes mainly in Rivas, Granada, Masaya, San Juan River, the South Caribbean and the Autonomous Region. More than 100 families have been evacuated and 27 people have died. So far 60,345 people have been affected nationwide; there are 32 active shelters and 90 solidarity houses, where 1,053 families remain. There are also 6,214 damaged homes, including destroyed, partially destroyed, flooded, and in relocation...  Read More

Panama: Floods. Rainfall in the province of Los Santos left at least about 48 houses and 218 people affected by floods caused by the overflowing of the rivers. SINAPROC makes damage assessment and needs analysis... Read More

Brazil. Several cities are in state of emergency due to various natural hazards. Drought is affecting the municipalities of Olhos d'Água and Palmópolis in Minas Gerais; and also Bom Jesus da Lapa, Bahia, and Redondo Well, in Sergipe. The cities of Mato Rico, Paraná and Santa Rosa, Rio Grande do Sul are being affected by rainfall. Finally, the municipality of Saudades, in Santa Catarina, is in emergency due to floods... Read More

Interesting Facts

Project plans to launch earthquake predicting satellite. A satellite project in Chennai may soon help predict quakes... Read More

What's new in Disaster Risk Reduction?

Bolivia. Civil Defense will deliver 30 tons of humanitarian assistance in the border town of Charaña, which will benefit 649 families and 1,500 head of cattle affected by drought. The director of the Emergency Operations Center said on Wednesday that the governor of the department of Santa Cruz declared a drought emergency affecting 12 municipalities in the region; the effects will be mitigated with a budget of 4 million bolivianos... Read More

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