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Friday, August 21, 2015

August 21, 2015

What happened this week?

Ecuador declares state of emergency as mighty Cotopaxi stirs. Ecuador's President Rafael Correa declared a state of emergency Saturday as the dangerous Cotopaxi volcano rumbled to life and prompted evacuation orders in several villages threatened by landslides... Read More

Cuba on edge as drought worsens. Cuba put its civil defense system on alert on Monday due to a year-long drought that is forecast to worsen in the coming months and has already damaged agriculture and left more than a million people relying on trucked-in water... Read More

Brazil. Drought. The Secretary of Civil Protection has declared an emergency due to flash floods for the municipalities of Espinosa and Jequita (State of Mina Gerais) and Marquinho... Read More

Colombia. Department of Norte Santander. A wildfire affected the rural areas of Hacari and La Playa as a result of bombings by military operations. The wildfire has affected a water source which is used by 10 families... Read More

United States of America. 
  • Washington: Twisp River Fire, mandatory and voluntary evacuations for 2,600 people; 3 fatalities, 4 injuries, 7 shelters open, 1,500 acres burned and 1,200 structures threatened... Read More
  • California: Wildfires. There are 16 wildfires burning in California with more than 10,000 firefighters battling the fire. The Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area was evacuated as well as 2,500 visitors and employees from Kings Canyon National Park...  Read More
  • Oregon: A wildfire in eastern Oregon has destroyed 36 homes and is threatening 500 more. The fire has burned 48,201 acres and is 10 percent contained. Mandatory evacuations for 50 remained in effect... Read More
  • Idaho: wildfire. Clearwater Complex. Mandatory evacuation to 400 people 114 structures destroyed 44 homes among them, 1670 structures threaten and 39,200 acres burned... Read More

Uruguay. Floods. Until now there is a total of 6611 people displaced throughout the country (442 evacuated and 6169 auto evacuated) and 5 national roads cut off in different areas. The most affected departments are Durazno and Treina y Tres... Read More
Interesting Facts

Hurricane Katrina timeline – how the disaster unfolded 10 years ago. Hurricane Katrina was one of the most deadly storms to ever hit America’s shores. It killed approximately 1,800 people, cost billions in property damage and displaced more than 400,000 residents... Read More

What's new in Disaster Risk Reduction?

WHO thanks health workers on World Humanitarian Day 2015. On this 12th World Humanitarian Day, 19 August, WHO is drawing the world’s attention to the contributions and sacrifices of health workers who respond to humanitarian crises. More than a decade since the first World Humanitarian Day, the demands on emergency responders are unprecedented, with 82.5 million people in 37 countries needing humanitarian assistance. The costs, too, are unprecedented, reaching an estimated US$20 billion... Read More

The next drought: Water officials endorse a 'less is more' strategy for the future.  A sprawl of sewage treatment plants, recharge basins and desalination facilities.  A collection of slender, solar-powered telemetry towers rising from an almond orchard to bring high-tech efficiency to irrigation... Read More

LA 'black ball' reservoir rollout potential 'disaster' in the making, say experts. LA's scheme to cover a reservoir under 96 million "shade balls" may not be all it is touted to be. The balls would create a surface layer that would block 300 million gallons from evaporating amid the state's crippling drought and save taxpayers $250 million... Read More

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