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Friday, September 25, 2015

September 25, 2015

What happened this week?

Chile. Earthquake (September 16). Region of Coquimbo. 12 people are confirmed dead and 9 are injured. There have also been multiple aftershocks. A yellow alert remains for 17 regions. 656,605 people have been affected, 486 are in shelters. It is estimated that about 50,000 people are without electricity and 9,010 are without access to potable water. A State of Emergency has been declared for the region of Coquimbo. There have been no requests for international assistance... Read More

Bolivia. Gale: Hurricane-force winds were recorded yesterday in San Ignacio, in the Department of Beni. Teh winds caused roofs, walls and mass media antennas to collapse. A preliminary report says that 15 homes were affected... Read More

  • Santa Catarina: The Ministry of Integration declared a State of Emergency for 17 municipalities. Five of the municipalities are in Santa Catarina; Ipumirin and Seara due to heavy rains, and Iraceminha, Ouro, and Romelandia due to sudden flooding... Read More
  • Rio Grande do Sul: Four affected municipalities: Ararica and Campo Bom due to floods, Palmeira das Missoes due to heavy rains, and Sao Jose do Norte due to floods... Read More
  • Paraná: In the state of Parana, various municipalities and cities have been affected due to heavy rains. The municipalities of Bahia, Fiera da Mata, and another in Maranhao were declared a State of Emergercy due to the drought... Read More

Mexico. The Governor of Mexico City has asked the federal government to declare an emergency and natural disaster for 16 municipalities (Benito, Juarez, Cajeme, Carbo, and 12 more) affected by Tropical Depression 16-E. A preliminary report says that 85.6000 people and 4000 homes have been affected. In addition, roads have been damaged as well as water infrastructure and drainage... Read More

Panama. Heavy rains. The city of Santiago experience heavy rains that left more than 400 people affected. It was reported that 14 people were rescued at La Luz, in the district of Tonosi, Los Santos. Eight homes were also affected. SINAPROC reported that 16 affected families (80 people) were housed in a hotel in this region... Read More

Interesting Facts

Mobile app would bring earthquake early warning to all. how an earthquake early-warning system would work in practice, beginning with the first blaring alarm from a cellphone: “Earthquake! Drop, cover and hold on! Strong shaking expected!”... Read More

What's new in Disaster Risk Reduction?

How did Chile manage to survive its recent earthquake virtually unscathed? Chile has one of the most effective disaster relief infrastructures in the world. How? It’s all down to rigorous building codes, evacuation simulations and, above all, preparation... Read More

Earthquake coming! Apps give Mexicans warning. A powerful earthquake strikes off the Pacific coast of Mexico. Within a few seconds, radio transmissions, megaphones and smartphone apps blare warnings to the capital’s 20 million people before the ground shakes... Read More

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