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Friday, November 13, 2015

November 13, 2015

What happened this week?

Panama. Heavy rains affected the water treatment in Algarrobos and Bugaba in the province of Chiriquí. 60,000 people in the province of Chiriquí and Bocas de Toro have been left without drinking water for more than four days. The EOC has been activated to offer assistance with bottled water and cisterns by Presidency of the Republic, IDAAN, and SINAPROC. Service is expected to be restored today. Bridges were also affected in the district of Barú in the province of Chiriquí preventing the passage of 35 families. School activities have been suspended in the affected areas... Read More

Colombia. Timbiquí in the department of Cauca has been affected by floods, leaving three bridges, buildings, nine schools, and rural roads damaged. Food shortages, transportation difficulties, and loss of crops and animals were also caused by the floods. The municipalities of Guapi, Piedmont, and Timiquí were on red alert due to 50 hours of nonstop rains. The mayor of Cauca reported 6,200 families affected, 149 homes damaged and another 15 that were completely destroyed. Humanitarian aid has begun to be offered... Read More

Brazil. An avalanche was caused by the breakdown of two dams containing mining waste. Two people are dead, and so far 25 are missing. Due to the mineral clay deposits released by the rupture, it is expected that water supply for approximately 500 people will be affected... Read More

Interesting Facts

UT researchers develop advanced flood warning system. A team of researchers from UT are working to create a better flash flood warning system to warn people faster during an emergency... Read More

How Drones Are Changing Humanitarian Disaster Response. While so much of the news coverage about drones lately has focused on their negatives, like interfering with air traffic and the use of armed drones, they have also quietly been finding far more positive application in the humanitarian sector... Read More

What's new in Disaster Risk Reduction?

Great sadness at the death of Osvaldo Canziani. Dr. Canziani died on the night of Thursday, October 29. He was a researcher of the climate with outstanding participation in international agencies and professional speaker. During his intense activity, Canziani warned again and again on the responsibility of citizens, agencies and countries to tackle global warming. It is also necessary to point out  his contribution on the progress of the knowledge and development of meteorological systems... Read More

PADF and Taiwan train next generation of first responders in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. 106 youth graduated from an 18-month training program to help them prepare for and respond to natural disasters and the effects of climate change... Read More

PADF/Royal Caribbean Cruises to Improve Water Access and Sanitation in North Haiti. Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. granted $300,000 to PADF to provide access to clean water and improve sanitation in Labadee Village on the north coast of Haiti... Read More

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