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Friday, November 9, 2018

Nov 9th

What happened this week?

'It Is Pure Chaos Up Here': Camp Fire Injures Residents, Forces Thousands to Flee as Flames Invade Paradise, California. Officials confirmed to the AP that some residents who attempted to escape the fire in their vehicles were then forced to flee on foot – some holding pets and even babies in their grasp – as the flames drew closer. With few options out of Paradise, roads quickly became gridlocked, and abandoned cars left in the middle of the road only made problems worse.. Read more

Interesting Facts

Raging California fires: Why have the flames spread so quickly? The Camp, Hill and Woolsey fires are expected to continue burning for days. The flames from the Camp Fire in Butte County, California, were spreading at 80 acres per minute Thursday, which is equivalent to burning an entire football field every second, according to UCLA climate scientist Daniel Swain. How have the flames spread so quickly in California? Read more

Policy Developments and Outlook

Greece: Eye of the Fire. A catalogue of dreadful failure and mismanagement ensued, from traffic diversions leading people into harm's way rather than out of danger, to illegal developments trapping others as they tried to flee into the sea, the only available refuge amid the flames.. Read More

Entering Burn Area’: Yosemite After the Fire. America’s national parks are increasingly bearing the burden of climate change, as rising temperatures and new weather patterns create mega blazes. A report from the burn zone. Read more

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