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Friday, February 21, 2014

February 21, 2014

What happened this week?

Bolivia. Flood situation update (Oct.2013-Feb. 20, 2014). 57 deaths, 11 people missing. 58,691 families affected in 143 municipalities in total.  Overflow of contaminated lagoons in Riberalta. Risk of overflow of Mamoré and Movocí rivers in Trinidad. Loss of 42,000 pieces of cattle in Beni and Pando. 91 health brigades from the Ministry of Health have provided care to 25,929 people. International assistance sent by United Nations, Argentina, Venezuela and Italy provided tents, purifying tablets and mobilization of military... Read more

Are these floods a new phenomenon? Could we blame Global warming for these floods? A historic review suggest that maybe not… Read more 

Barbados: Earthquake. A magnitude-6.5 earthquake struck northeast of Barbados early Tuesday, jolting thousands from their sleep but causing no reported damage or casualties… Read more

Read more about the recent earthquakes near The Caribbean and Central America.

Interesting Facts

Tierra del Fuego. The architect Michael Reynolds and 50 volunteers built a house in Ushuaia, Argentina using tires, bottles, cans, among other recyclable materials. The house - called Earth Ship - is the first of its type in South America. Reynolds states that this typology is not only sustainable but also it has been used in Haiti, India and New Mexico as part of post-disaster reconstruction efforts… Read more

What's new in Disaster Risk Reduction?

Santa Monica to ID vulnerable buildings, order earthquake retrofits
Santa Monica will become the first city in California to inspect concrete, steel and wood-frame buildings and require seismic retrofitting for those deemed vulnerable during a major earthquake Read more 

Chile. Four years after the F-27 Earthquake, ONEMI gets ready for a new National Policy on Disaster Risk Reduction… Read more

First Maritime Award of the Americas
The award  is aimed to recognize successful practices that demonstrate excellence, innovation, and sustainability in the Maritime and Port Sectors. 

One of the award's categories  is "Disaster Mitigation and Management in Ports", which seeks to recognize best practices that result in disaster reduction, loss of life and property.

Read more about eligibility and deadlines. 

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