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Saturday, March 1, 2014

February 28, 2014

Featured this week:
  • Floods in Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay. 
  • 4th Anniversary of the 2010 Earthquake in Chile: articles, photo gallery, best practices and news on reconstruction.
  • International Cooperation on Disaster Recovery: St. Lucia & Chile.

What happened this week?

Bolivia. Flood situation update (Oct.2013-Feb.27, 2014) 59 deaths and 59,800 families affected. 370 families cut off from communication in 9 communities in Puerto Villarroel (Cochabamba). 2,537 families sheltered in Riberalta and 400 families isolated by affected roads in San Javier. Epidemiological situation under control. Six rivers on red alert. International assistance from Brazil and China... Read more

Brazil. Floods in Acre and Rondonia (24-28 Feb). 1,820 families are sheltered in Porto Velho and 14 districts in Rondonia, and 331 in Rio Branco (Acre). Emergency declared in Acre.... Read more

Paraguay. Floods (25-28 Feb). One death and 1,187 families affected in 4 municipalities. 150 families are sheltered in Luque... Read more

4th Anniversary of the 2010 Earthquake in Chile


Chile earthquake bill: US$4bn in reconstruction since 2010. The resources has been allocated to rebuild homes, bridges, hospitals, roads and historic buildings following the earthquake and tsunami that battered the country four years ago...Read More.

Piñera backs up the reconstruction figures after 4 years from the 2010 earthquake. The president recalled that the reconstruction process after the 2010 earthquake reached 97% of the homes destroyed...Read More.

Bachelet praises reconstruction after earthquake in Chile but criticizes "political use" of tragedy. She said that (Pinera's) Government has made a major reconstruction work and her government's commitment is to continue with whatever task that may be pending. Read More.

Chile President tours hard-hit quake zones. He inaugurated a housing complex that replaced one that collapsed in a massive 2010 earthquake, showcasing his reconstruction efforts during a tour of hard-hit areas...Read More

Four years after the 27-F: neoliberal and vulnerable cities (in Spanish). Chile is a country constantly hit by disasters. These characteristics make the most excluded sectors of society even more vulnerable...Read More

Photo Gallery
2010 Earthquake More.

Best Practices
Building codes saves lives: Main message on anniversary of Chile earthquake and lesson learned from NZ. Article posted in 2011 by UNISDR stressed that the strict building codes in Chile played a large part in protecting people... Read More.

Best Practice: Sustainable post-tsunami reconstruction master plan. A city of 46,000 people and proposes to respond with “geographical answers” to the “geographical threats” of the earthquake and tsunami risk... Read More.

International Cooperation:
Video. Chile Contributes to Recovery Efforts in St. Lucia More.

Major earthquake, tsunami in the Caribbean worries St Lucia prime minister, and he asks support and help of Chile. "We are going to need the support and help of Chile, because unfortunately, Chile has been a victim of earthquakes and tsunamis and has accumulated considerable experience over the last few years...Read More

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