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Saturday, April 5, 2014

April, 4, 2014

What happened this week?
Chile. April 1, 2014. Earthquake 8.2M at 38.9 km depth 95km northeast of Iquique caused damage to health and property in northern Chile and southern Peru. A tsunami alert was declared and there was a preventive evacuation of the population.
Update: 294 aftershocks has been reported, the greatest of which was a magnitude 7.6 on April 2. Six deaths, 1,368 people in 13 shelters in Alto Hospicio and Arica. Iquique’s “Ernesto Torres” Regional Hospital has some nonstructural damage, patients are being treated in pavilions at the Campana Hospital. Minister of Health will sign a Sanitary Alert for the Arica-Parinacota and Tarapacá regions in order to better respond to future needs...Read More.

Peru. Ubinas volcano. Seismic energy continues increasing. Furthermore, there are signs of over-pressurization, which can cause moderate explosions. Emissions of gas and ash have been observed up to 2150 m above the crater. Authorities recommend people remain calm and wait for instructions from them...Read More

Interesting Facts
Images from NOAA compare the last three major Chilean tsunamis in 1960, 2010 and 2014... Read More.

Building codes saved lives in Chile . Strong enforcement of regulations and the preparation of the Chilean population were a key factor to reduce the number of victims, experts say...Read More

What's new in Disaster Risk Reduction?
PerúThis year, the budget for disaster risk reduction increased by 16%, according the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF). 
From the budget of 820.8 million soles, 640.7 million soles are for preventive measures such as land use planning considering hazards and risks, development of protection infrastructure, implementation of safe schools and hospitals, among others... Read More.

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