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Friday, March 28, 2014

March, 28, 2014

What happened this week?
Washington State, USA. Landslide: 14 deaths, 13 injured, at least 108 missing. Sixteen homes destroyed and flooding has affected others. Two shelters house 28 people. U.S. President Barack Obama declared a state of emergency Monday, freeing up federal funds for a major rescue effort, according to Washington state officials... Read More

Interesting Facts
Ginebra. Natural disasters caused losses of USD 140 000 million in 2013. According to a study released Wednesday by Swiss reinsurer Swiss Re, and around 26,000 people lost their lives as a result of disasters in 2013....Read More

10 riskiest metropolitan areas in the world. What is the opposite of a sustainable city? For insurance companies it quantifies to the riskiest. Insurance company SwissRe has calculated the 10 riskiest metropolitan areas in the world by assessing the largest 616 of them, and the risks to their inhabitants... Read More.

What's new in Disaster Risk Reduction?
Latin American and Caribbean Rally: “Schools with a Sustainable Future” Register your school now!  (Download the brochure in Spanish and English, and click here for information in Spanish)

The Rally is a competition that seeks to highlight the best strategies in education, action, and social impact among all schools in Latin America and the Caribbean in the areas of energy efficiency, water management, healthy food production, carbon reduction, and sustainable waste management.

There will be one winner of the "Live with Hope Award: Innovation for Sustainability" for each of the categories, and they will represent Latin America in the 2015 International Green Award in the UK. Additionally, the 10 best proposals in each category will be showcased in the framework of the Meeting of Latin American and Caribbean Leaders in Education, Science, and Technology for Sustainability, to be held November 2014.

The OAS invites all Latin American and Caribbean schools to register, participate, and become the leaders of change that Latin America needs in order to develop sustainably.
Register your school now! ... Read More

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