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Friday, February 27, 2015

February 27, 2015

OAS-White Helmets Program requests proposals for assistance in Anglophone OAS Caribbean Member States

The objective of the Request for Proposal (RfP) on Voluntarism in Disaster Risk Management and Humanitarian Assistance in Anglophone OAS Caribbean Member States is contribute to the strengthening of the institutional and human potential of the Anglophone OAS Caribbean Member States for Disaster Risk Management,humanitarian assistance in cases of disaster or any other emergencies, and the subsequent rehabilitation phase; and disaster mitigation, prevention and preparedness...Read More

What happened this week?

Dominican Republic: Rains and Floods. Provinces of Espaillat, Puerto Plata and Maria Trinidad Sanchez were declared in Red alert by possible floods. The rains that have affected several regions of the north of the country in the last days left; a dead woman, more than 15,475 displaced peoples sheltering with friends and family, 3,979 affected homes, 20 destroyed and 30 isolated communities. The Emergency Operations Center (EOC), declared Yellow Alert for three more provinces as a result of the rains generated by a frontal Trough system...Read More

Bolivia: Floods. Pando 3,200 people, 790 families affected by the floods, increasing the shelters to 15. The affected are being assisted by the local Government with National support...Read More

Argentina, Province of Córdoba: Floods. The evacuated figure amounted to 600 in the province of Córdoba, affecting the departments of San Justo, Río Primero and Union. There are small flooded localities, with energy supply problems as well as public transportation as roads are blocked. A meteorological alert has been issued...Read More

Brazil: Water shortage. Sao Paulo devastated by its worst drought on record...Read More

Interesting Facts

New model illustrates similarities between landslides and earthquakes. A model reveals the analogy between the mechanics of ground movements and tectonic faults, opening up new avenues for research into the dynamics of these faults... Read More

What's new in Disaster Risk Reduction?

Jamaican Government Moves To Reduce Fiscal Exposure To Disaster. Jamaica is contributing $427.5 million to the Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility (CCRF) next fiscal year despite the fact that it has never been able to draw down on the funds after a natural disaster...Read More

Bolivia/World Bank: Strengthening Disaster Response and Climate Change Mechanisms. The World Bank (WB) Board of Executive Directors approved US$200 million in financing today to strengthen Bolivia’s legal and institutional framework for the comprehensive management of disaster and climate risks...Read More

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