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Friday, March 6, 2015

March 6, 2015

Course in Disaster Risk Reduction and Sustainable Local Development

Objectives of the Course
• Foster policies and actions for disaster risk reduction and its application for the adaptation of climate change, within the framework of processes sustainable local development and strengthening participatory strategic planning.
• Share and develop knowledge and practical tools that will make the management and reduction of risk an integral part of local development efforts.
• Strengthen the capacity of key players and the local socio- economics actors to participate in reducing of risk disasters and climate change on their territory.
• Promote experience-sharing, cooperation and the stocktaking of best practices....Read More

What happened this week?

Brazil: Floods. Authorities from the Ministry inspect municipalities affected by the Rio Acre flooding. National Integration will send 17,000 Emergency care kits, tents and mineral water, in addition technical crews to assist in the recovery of the cities... Read More

Ecuador: Manabí, Floods, and Drought. The Emergency Operations Committee (COE) was activated in order to request assistance for more than 2,000 residents from Julcuy and also to rescue some 600 cattle that still subsist despite the drought, there are about 30 cattle that have died... Read More

Argentina: Floods, 8 provinces are in alert with more than 5,000 evacuees in the center of the country. MOH is conducting vector control in the affected areas of Sierra Chicas, also 13 thousand vaccines were already provided...Read More

Chile: Volcanic activity. Volcano Villarrica maintains the level of volcanic technical alert in Red, in addition delimits an area of 10 km of radio as of exclusion. Furthermore, ONEMI maintains a Yellow Alert for the rest of the massive; there are a total of 210 people in temporary shelters...Read More

Interesting Facts

Scientists find oddly behaving 'inner-inner core' at Earth's center. Using the coda waves from earthquakes, geologists have discovered that our planet's core isn't quite what we thought it was... Read More

Scientists say some quakes may be predictable. For the past 20 years, getting an earthquake scientist to utter the word “prediction” has been about as tough as getting a biologist to endorse the existence of Bigfoot... Read More

What's new in Disaster Risk Reduction?

States, donors must do more to tackle rising disaster risk: U.N.As economic losses from disasters rise around the world, more effort is needed to reduce the risks from extreme weather and earthquakes in every area, from infrastructure to health...Read More

Third United Nations World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction.The need for resilient health systems capable of delivering quality sexual and reproductive health, and the crucial role of women in reducing disaster risks, will be discussed during a special side event organized by UNFPA at the Third United Nations World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (WCDRR)...Read More

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