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Friday, May 29, 2015

May 29, 2015

What happened this week?

United States of America: rain spreads destruction in Houston, killing four. Torrential rains in Houston left at least four people dead, with many stranded and much of the city at a standstill... Read More 

Mexico: 13 dead after tornado. A powerful tornado touched down in Ciudad Acuna, Mexico, near the U.S.-Mexico border. At least 13 people were killed... Read More

Colombia, Antioquia. Heavy rains generated new flooding in Salgar, Antioquia...  Read More 

Interesting Facts

Smartphone app could save lives during earthquake say inventors. A new smartphone app can collect data and users can be alerted in the event of an earthquake... Read More

What's new in Disaster Risk Reduction?

Colorado considers system to predict fire, flood behavior. A new technology designed to predict flooding and wildfire behavior. It uses forecasts and radar and aircraft observations of the weather and dozens of other variables to predict what's going to happen... Read More

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