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Friday, June 5, 2015

June 5, 2015

What happened this week?

Nicaragua. Heavy rains in the country, 60 evacuated families, 2,500 homes in 53 districts of Managua have been affected... Read More

United States of America. Texas floods: Enough rain to cover entire state with 8 inches of water in May. Every drop of rain these days is a drop too many in much of Texas, where 22 people have died and President Barack Obama has declared a major disaster... Read More 

Interesting Facts

Japan's big earthquake: Why deeper means safer.  The deeper the quake, the less violent and less dangerous. That's because the strength of shaking or energy released... Read More

What's new in Disaster Risk Reduction?

Upping Our Game for Disaster Preparedness and Response.  The briefing covered resources like the Administration’s Climate Resilience Toolkit, a website that provides centralized, authoritative, easy-to-use information, tools, and best practices to help communities prepare for and boost their resilience... Read More 

Japan puts toilets in lifts to cater for up to 17,000 people who could stuck in them when the next big earthquake hits. Japan is looking into installing toilets and emergency water in lifts... Read More

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