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Friday, July 17, 2015

July 17, 2015

What happened this week?

Bolivia:  The municipalities of Buenavista and Fernandez Alonzo in the department of Santa Cruz have declared an emergency due to heavy rain and flooding caused by "El Niño".  Four other municipalities were affected by the rains.  About 400 people are isolated in Brecha III and in the process of being rescued. The departmental Emergency Operations Center (COED) was activated and a declaration of emergency for the department is being contemplated.  The communes of Okinawa, San Juan El Torno, and San Julian also reported damages.  The event is accompanied by a severe drop in temperature, especially in Santa Cruz and Cochabamba... Read More

Paraguay: The levels of the Paraguay and Parana rivers continue to rise due to heavy rains causing displacement and damage. 32,000 people have been affected so far. The rivers surrounding the city of Villa Ygamiti, Canindeyù are overflowing.  A district emergency has been declared and the assistance of the central government is necessary to meet basic needs... Read More

United States: Midwest to Southeast.  Approximately 47,000 residents remain without power.  15 injuries, 4 fatalities and 2 still missing reported in Kentucky.  Two shelters are open housing 12 occupants.  In the Midwest, five shelters are open housing 95 occupants. The Kentucky and West Virginia have declared a State of Emergency... Read More
Interesting Facts

5 ways nanotechnology can tackle climate change. CO2-neutral and CO2-negative technologies could bring huge economic benefits. But for that to happen, there must also be the right social and political support for such innovations... Read More

What's new in Disaster Risk Reduction?

India Working With 27 Countries on Earthquake Early-Warning System. India is working on an ambitious project with scientists, geophysicists, and seismologists of 27 countries to develop an early-warning system for "prediction" of earthquake... Read More

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