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Thursday, July 2, 2015

July 3, 2015

What happened this week?

Canada. Kamloops, British Columbia: Due to heavy rain, the city of Kamloops has declared a local state of emergency and ordered the evacuation of 60 homes. Roads were also closed on Tuesday due to the rain. Flooding occurred in southern Calgary, as well, where multiple areas reported losing power... Read More

El Salvador.drought is affecting the country at two different intensities (weak to strong). The most affected areas are the eastern and coastal paracentral areas. 16 consecutive dry days have been recorded... Read More

  • Fuego Volcano activity. Last night, there was an eruption with pyroclastic flows 150 meters wide, light can be seen from 250 meters away, and the ash clouds are 5000 meters high. The situation was a cause for concern, but no alert was declared for evacuations... Read More
  • San Jose Las Pilas, Retalhuleu: Heavy rains. The rains will continue to at least Thursday. Rainfall and strong winds generated problems in the village of San Jose La Pilas, Retalhuleu, where 40 people were affected and 8 homes show signs of minor damage... Read More

Mexico. La Prensa City, Mexico: Heavy rain Wednesday afternoon caused bus shuttle service to shut down and even stranded the patrols of the Ministry of Public security. In some places, water reached more than 50 cm forcing drivers to abandon their cars while waiting for help... Read More

Paraguay, Pilar: Flooding, from recent rain, has affected 85 families. Authorities are working to remove the water... Read More

Interesting Facts

A Smart Sensor to help farmers save water in a drought. A package of sensors and software designed to help farmers determine precisely how much water to use in different parts of their fields, increasing yields and saving water and other resources by ensuring that no part of the field receives too much or too little water... Read More

What's new in Disaster Risk Reduction?

Twitter Could Shape Flood Disaster Response. The tweets made for compelling retweets and news reports, but Dutch researchers have also figured out another use for the tweets: real-time flood maps... Read More

Early Warning System Needed for Flood-prone Punchana, Peru. Peru, one of 13 countries recently surveyed by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) ahead of World Humanitarian Summit regional consultations for Latin America and the Caribbean, is highly vulnerable to natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and droughts... Read More

Here’s How IBM Is Helping Towns Predict Disasters. IBM's new prediction tool marries live weather forecasts with a hyperlocal map, painting in yellow and red the damages to come... Read More

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