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Friday, March 21, 2014

March 21, 2013

What happened this week?
Chile. No victims or damages reported after an earthquake of 6.5 magnitude with an epicenter 20 km deep. Response: Activation of emergency plans in hospitals, although they did not need to be implemented. Alert for possible minor tsunami; preventive evacuation of more than 100,000 people in coastal areas between Arica and Tocopilla, Isla de Más Afuera and San Andrés... Read More. 

BrazilFloods in Rondonia, Acre, Amazonas and Pará update. (20 Feb- 21 Mar). 3,100 families affected in Porto Velho. Madeira river level has increased. The Government of Rondonia will set up a shelter so that schools can be vacated... Read More  

Interesting Facts
Was the Los Angeles Earthquake Caused by Fracking? Was the 4.4-magnitude earthquake that rattled Los Angeles Monday morning caused by fracking methods? It's hard to say, but what's clear that the quake's epicenter was just eight miles from a disposal well where oil and gas wastewater is being injected underground at high pressure... Read More

What's new in Disaster Risk Reduction?
Future flood losses in major coastal cities: Flood exposure is increasing in coastal cities owing to growing populations and assets, the changing climate, and subsidence. With no adaptation, the projected increase in average losses by 2050 is huge, with aggregate losses increasing to more than US$1 trillion per year...In the absence of adaptation, the impact of environmental change is much larger than the effect of socioeconomic change. These numbers should not be considered as predictions, but they demonstrate the need for adaptation, because inaction would result in unacceptably high losses.” ... Read More

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