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Friday, February 2, 2018

February 2nd

Interesting Facts

Despite the recent 7.9 magnitude quake off Alaska and the 6.1 magnitude tremor near Indonesia, including the volcanic eruptions in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines and Japan, experts say each activity is not correlated.                                                                             The recent spectacular eruptions and earthquakes have caused some speculation about a potential "domino effect", but experts say that simply isn't how the Ring of Fire works... Read more

Eclipse 2018: Earthquake in Afghanistan – was it due to the Super Blue Blood Moon?     
Despite the long-held belief that the full moon having the strongest tidal pull can also place more stress on the Earth’s crust and increase the chance of a fault line slipping, seismologist Dr. Hough of the US Geological Survey has concluded that this belief has no basis after matching dates and lunar phases to more than 400 earthquakes of magnitude 8 or larger... Read more

Policy Developments and Outlook

How social media is reshaping disaster rescue. 
Research from the University of Queenland Business School found that social media can help rescuers respond more quickly and effectively.Using social media, officials can now communicate with the public directly and people can post real-time local updates, which allows officials to better understand what is happening and make more informed decisions about deploying aid... Read more 

Meet the millennial everyone calls when disaster strikes. 
She was appointed to the FEMA National Advisory Council in a first-of-its-kind role – the Emerging Leader seat – inside the Department of Homeland Security in 2016. She specializes in utilizing current and emerging technologies to mobilize targeted global response efforts. Her work today sits at the perfect intersection of innovative technology and compassionate humanitarianism... Read more

Months after hurricanes Irma and Maria had devastated Puerto Rico and still as of today, only 60 percent of Puerto Rico’s population has access to reliable electric power. Access to potable water is compromised, food and jobs are scarce, and houses continue to be uninhabitable. 
Ineffective management of federal agencies, the Congress’ discriminatory policies toward Puerto Rico and the Puerto Rican government’s ineptitude at addressing local corruption are just some factors that are escalating Puerto Rico to a man-made catastrophe... Read more

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