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Friday, February 9, 2018

February 9th

Interesting Facts

What's an 'Earthquake Swarm,' And Is One Hitting Taiwan? 
 A magnitude-6.4 earthquake shook northeastern Taiwan Tuesday night, killing at least seven people and injuring more than 250 others. More than 100 aftershocks have been reported to rattle the region. Some experts are calling the disaster an "earthquake swarm," but others are more hesitant... Read more

Climate change will limit where the Winter Olympics can be held
Olympics flag According to a study led by the University of Waterloo, climate change is threatening the viability of the Winter Olympics. The study concludes that if global greenhouse gas emissions are not dramatically reduced, only eight of the 21 cities that have previously hosted the Winter Olympics will be cold enough to host them by the end of the century... Read more

How does new information about climate change impact our existing beliefs? 
Professor Cass Sunstein from Harvard Law School talks about how exposure to varied scientific evidence about climate change may increase polarization within a population due to asymmetrical updating. According to his study, it was found that people with strong beliefs in climate change show asymmetrical updating, changing their beliefs more in response to bad news than good news. On the other hand, those with weaker climate change beliefs show the opposite, changing their beliefs more in response to good news than bad news.The findings have implications for how people will update their beliefs about not only climate change, but also for beliefs about science, politics, and law in general...Link to audio,   Link to research paper via SSRN

Una de las islas se puede atravesar en lancha por un canal naturalTwo newly formed islands in front of the San Isidro coasts of Río de la Plata (a.k.a. La Plata River or River Plate) to be declared as natural reserves.  
 Two islands are being formed at the junction of San Antonio and Luján canals and experts are saying that this accelerated appearance is due to the changes in sedimentation of the Paraná and Bermejo rivers and land use. Normally, this phenomenon would take hundreds of years in its natural course... Read more

Policy Developments and Outlook
 The Pacific Alliance, evolving into a regional integration in risk management.   Latin America and the Caribbean has one of the lowest rates of insurance coverage worldwide. However, the Latin American and Caribbean governments are increasingly investing more resources into the identification and reduction of risks, as well as to financial protection of emergency response and relief. One way to do this is through bonds that function as disaster insurance that transfers governments' risk to the markets... Read more  

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