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Friday, December 2, 2011

December 02, 2011

Recent Natural Events
Tungurahua Volcano in Ecuador begins to erupt, People Evacuate
The Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador spewed ash up to 4 kilometers in the sky and produced superheated gas flow, the authorities are encouraging residents living near the volcano to evacuate. Read

Uruguay - Puyehue volcanic ashes in the air
Several flights were cancelled due to the lack of visibility. Puyehue first erupted last 4 June covering most of Patagonia with a thick carpet of volcanic cash and forcing to cancel hundreds of flights across the region: Argentina, Uruguay, south of Brazil, areas of Chile and in some cases as distant as Australia and New Zealand. Read

Damage by recent heavy rainfall severe in Dominica
Public Works Minister Rayburn Blackmoore says damage in Dominica caused by heavy rainfall over the last few days were severe and clean up could cost up to $1.3-million. Read

Downpour paralyzes a Barranquilla, Colombia
More than 3 hours of downpour caused floods, the collapse of at least 4houses and 40 emergencies in the metropolitan area. Read

Total losses due to drought in Mexico
The severe drought this year in Mexico has affected 989.000 hectares of agricultural land 1 million 750,000 livestock, said the undersecretary of Agriculture. Read

Other Disasters Related News
Hotels in Venezuela with guests and homeless families
One year after the heavy rains slashed Venezuela and left dozens dead, thousands of families remain without a house Read

Peru - 88% of the houses in Villa El Salvador, Lima, are vulnerable to earthquakes
The problem is that most people in that district conducted a self construction without appropriate guidance for reinforcing structures. Read

Anticipated overflowing rivers and landslides in Bolivia caused by La Niña
The most vulnerable areas are located on the Tropic of Cochabamba. Read

Guatemalan coffee producers face substantial losses due to the recent rains
In some areas, losses are up 50%, and affected especially organic coffee. Read

NOAA: Active 2011 hurricane season breaks 'Hurricane Amnesia'
This season is a reminder that storms can hit any part of our coast and that all regions need to be prepared each and every season. Read

UN-Almost two years after earthquake, Haiti shows signs of progress
Almost two years after the devastating earthquake that killed over 200,000 people, Haiti is showing remarkable signs of progress, a United Nations official said today. Read