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Friday, November 14, 2014

November 21, 2014

Two-day Event on Disaster Risk Management at the OAS

OAS Headquarters
25-26 November 2014

The Third Hemispheric Encounter is being organized and presented with the financial support of the US Department of State through its Permanent Mission to the OAS, will explore practical experiences in Disaster Risk Management in key sectors, based on case studies and exchanges of good practices in three selected subregions in the Americas: (i) the Central American Isthmus and the Dominican Republic, (ii) the  Caribbean Community (CARICOM), and (iii) the Andean States members of the Andean Committee for Disaster Prevention and Relief (CAPRADE).

The main objective of the Third Hemispheric Encounter is to exchange practical experience on Disaster Risk Management on the basis of the discussions and analysis undertaken in the three subregions, as discussed above. This exchange is expected to foster horizontal cooperation opportunities and closer collaboration among OAS Member States as well as agencies of the Inter-American System, subregional specialized IGO, and agencies of the UN System... Read more  

Vist our web site the day of the event: Live Webcast  

What happened this week?

Colombia. Flooding: 3800 families were affected by the flooding of Fundación River. In the Fundación Municipality (Magdalena Department). Assistance is being sent to the affected. Also the La Cal River overflowed affecting El Castillo Municipality in Meta department, leaving one dead and at least 2,000 affected people. In Nechi, Antioquia, four districts were flooded after the Nechí river overflow... Read More

Colombia. Oil spill: Guamuez River in Putumayo is severely polluted because of oil spill after an assault blowing out with dynamite a stretch of the pipeline in Orito-San Miguel (OSO). Environment control entities were requested to evaluate the possible impact... Read More

Colombia. Flooding: emergency in La Mojaja Sucreña, due to the overflow of Cauca River has caused an opening of approximately 20 meters. There is no final information regarding damages... Read More

Trinidad and TobagoFloods: Flooding in several communities. Water levels in the larger rivers such as the Caroni river and smaller river courses particularly in North Eastern and Central Trinidad over spilled the banks. No deaths have been reported. Two (2) shelters opened – one each in Mayaro and Sangre Grande. 20 people were reportedly in the Sangre Grande shelter but as of now only 5 remained... Read More

Honduras. Floods: 13 families evacuated in San Pedro de Sula. Increased risk of landslides and flood of gorges... Read More

Mexico. Floods: Civil Protection declared State of Emergency in 17 municipalities because of the rainfalls. In the last 24 hours rain has been falling on Tabasco 32 percent of the monthly average of expected rain for November. Approximately 30,000 people were affected by the floods... Read More

USA. Cold Wave (Update): Strong snowfalls remain in the New York/ Philadelphia line to Rochester. All drivers stranded have been rescued. 7 Shelter remain open with 128 refugees, 8 deaths (6 confirmed and 2 unconfirmed). 200 National guards are supporting the rescue and snow cleaning. There a no requests of assistance to FEMA... Read More