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Friday, August 10, 2012

August 10, 2012


Sustainable Cities: Defining a development horizon, seeking to extend the limits of adaptability
Alejandro Martínez and Pablo González

The concept of sustainable cities is not a new one. However, in the last twenty years, given the rapid urbanization processes and changes in consumption patterns in the Americas, urban planners, policy and decision-makers, as well as the international community have placed a high priority to this issue…
The cities of the Americas are experiencing dramatic changes, which are compromising their integrity, affecting negatively their functions.  Full article

Recent Natural Events

Colombia - Immediate needs for children and women affected by the floods in Putumayo
The security situation in the area is complex due to the presence of illegal armed groups. According to local authorities, there are several rural areas with restricted access due to a high level of landmine contamination and threats of illegal armed groups. Read

Sotarà volcano in Colombia on orange alert level, 6900 earthquakes since June 24th
The recent increase in seismic activity under Sotarà volcano, Colombia promted INGEOMINAS to raise the alert level from yellow (unrest) to orange (eruption warning) on August 8, 2012. Read

Tropical Storm Ernesto Swirls off Honduras Coast
Tropical Storm Ernesto swirled along Honduras' northern coast early Tuesday, bringing the threat of torrential rains as it headed toward landfall as a possible hurricane near Mexico's border with Belize. Read

Tropical Storm Ernesto kills 2 in Mexico
Tropical Storm Ernesto lost strength as it moved inland early Friday, though forecasters warned it could still dump dangerous rains in the mountains of Mexico's flood-prone southern Gulf region. Read

Santa Maria / Santiaguito volcano (Guatemala), activity update: weak explosions, lava flows
2 weak explosions were recorded Wednesday at 05.10 and 5:50 pm producing gray ash plumes rising 300 m. Read

Johnson City, Tennessee,  hit hard by heavy rain, flooding
Heavy rains pounded northeast Tennessee Sunday, including downtown Johnson City, where emergency crews in inflatable boats rescued people trapped in their homes and in their cars on flooded streets. Read

Flooding in Venezuela cut off towns from needed resources
Heavy rains have hit the state of Merida, isolating 2,500 people. Read

5.0 magnitude earthquake 111 km from Corinto, Chinandega, Nicaragua
No damages have been reported so far. Read

Other Disasters Related News
Request for Proposals: Sustainable Communities in Central America and the Caribbean
The Request for Proposals is open to NGOs, community based organizations and academic institutions registered in the Central American and Caribbean member countries of the OAS. Read

Women and Girls: The [in]Visible Force of Resilience
This year's International Day for Disaster Reduction  will put a spotlight on the millions of women and girls who are making their communities more resilient to disaster and climate risks and helping to protect development investments.  Read

New U.S. homes burn faster, but states resist sprinklers
Advocates - including firefighters, fire safety groups and the sprinkler industry - say sprinklers are needed more than ever in new homes because of builders' heavy use of prefabricated construction materials. The materials burn faster, firefighters say, causing more destruction and making rescue attempts more difficult. Read

Better weather, but too late for U.S. corn crop
The U.S. government on Friday released fresh crop data that revealed shocking cuts for this year's grain and oilseed output as the drought spread through America's breadbasket.  Read

USDA predicts big drop in corn yield
Fewer crops have translated into higher prices for consumers. On Thursday, the United Nations released a report that showed world food prices jumped 6% in July. Read